About Tomás Cruz Custer

Tomas At the Beach3 Word Summary: Affable, Creative, Intelligent

Creative intelligence combined with an affable, down-to-earth personality and leadership in the form of big-picture vision and nuts-and-bolts execution. I have successfully conceived, led, produced, managed, enhanced and enabled ideas across a broad range of organizations from startups to business to media to education. I innovate and solve.  I am a digital jack-of-all-trades in many ways who always thinks about the brand and marketing.

In other words, I am a professional with experience and accomplishments in digital curation, communications, media (web, tv, and radio), content, web & mobile design/development, management, production, marketing, journalism, social media, information architecture and UI/UX.

I am passionate about helping people as well as building and engaging communities. My work has been utilized by millions of people according to Google Analytics (not including social media). I am followed by professors, journalists, media personalities, politicians, executives, professionals, teachers as well as activists, bloggers, parents, students and more.


I am a curation advocate with a unique vision about what can be accomplished using curation from creating art to comprehensive information tools for business intelligence or historical archives. I have been curating and tinkering for over 15 years.

  • 2000 RollaGuide.com (no longer own) curated local directory for Missouri town
  • 2001 UniversityWork.com (no longer own) curated directory of Higher Ed Job sites
  • 2004 Ticias.com (no longer own) 2 years Latin music news curation mostly in Spanish
  • 2005 HispanicTips.com– Latino news pioneer –  was a curation showcase (10 years & 115,000+ archive)
  • 2011 OccupyItNews.org (no longer own) intensively curated news for 1 month to explore topically application
  • 2013 SiOurHistory.com (no longer own) – grand vision for curation, art, and Hispanic news
  • 2014 HispanicCount.com (no longer active) – Demographic Web App
  • 2015 CannabisReader.com (soon to be relaunched in 2017) – Cannabis news
  • 2017 SíHere.com (evolution of HispanicTips) – Latinx news
  • 2017 A.I. Edition (soon to be launched) – curated Artificial Intelligence news

I have been studying and practicing digital curation for a long time and have grave concerns about the future of news especially the reinforcement of filter bubbles that continue to have a growing impact on our society as demonstrated by the recent election.

News is viewed as simply content. The quality, balance or truthfulness of the content that is actually delivered via algorithms is not always top priority as long as engagement metrics keep growing. Humans have effectively been demoted from our traditional role of gatekeeper. This is a fundamental change from traditional journalism and has far-reaching implications.

Since prehistory humans have had choices from the foods they ate to the words they used and our societies have been shaped by those choices. Algorithms limit our choices and do not care about our species or our planet. They are specifically designed to encourage engagement while chasing the dollars.


  • I practically was raised in a TV station. I have worked in a radio station, a newspaper, Higher Education, startups, and small local businesses with various duties.
  • A few of the positions I have held in the past include the Webmaster for College of Education at the Univ. of Missouri and Web Director at KBIA (the NPR affiliate in Columbia, Missouri), and Media Mastermind at Accompany.com

For more information about me please visit my bio at http://hispanictips.com/tomas-custer/

Experience, Accomplishments, and Skills

  • Strategy: I have done most of it: brainstorming, researching, user/customer experience, writing, wireframing, sketching, editorial, coding, designing, business, marketing, sales, engagement, analytics monitoring and content production.
  • Marketing: I always think branding and marketing with digital and mobile first. Email, MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Blogging, Public Relations, Press Releases, Media Relations, Online Reputation Management, Community Engagement, Blogger Outreach, Online Advertising, Tags, Link/Relationship Building, A/B Testing, Topic and Target Audience Research, SEM, SEO, SMO
  • Content: Web Writing, Editing, Editorial Strategy, Editorial Calendar, Infographics, Web Content Management Strategy, Content Analysis, Content Distribution, Curation, Content Migration, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe CQ, Rich Snippets, Storify, Metadata Strategy, Keywords, View Web Writing Samples
  • Web: I have built a wide variety of web properties from concept to functional site/service including information sites, promotional sites (B2B, B2C), news sites, microsites and web applications for small businesses, colleges and radio stations. HTML, CSS HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Experience Design, UI/UX, Information Architecture, Responsive/RESS, Wireframing, Accessibility Standards, Storyboarding, WordPress, APIs, JSON, Analytics: (Clicky, Google Analytics, Social Analytics, SocialBro, Facebook Insights, Quantcast)
  • Mobile: I have embraced mobile for years now and have built mobile web applications using mixed media queries, RESS, html5, CSS, javascript, AJAX, PHP, APIs and JSON on HispanicCount.com and Riback.com
  • Social Media: I am passionate about building and engaging communities.  I have built a strong following @Hispanictips (3500+) Hispanictips’ Facebook page (500+) Hispanictips’.Tumblr (400+) and have aided other businesses growth their presence and engagement across multiple platforms.
  • Other: Entrepreneurial, Budgets, Hiring/Firing, Client Interaction, Customer Service, Desktop Publishing, Event Planning, Mind Mapping, Microsoft Office, Mac / PC platforms, Adobe Creative Suite, Artist, ¡Bilingual!: English and Spanish
  • Management: I have managed people throughout my career including one team of 13 people.
  • Production/Coordinating: I have assisted in the production of TV programs. Floor Producer credits include a variety special live TV events like telethons and parades. Also produced other live events like conferences and seminars.
  • Art & Design: I specialize in pen &ink re-imagining native styles from around the world and have sold my art in the street and in several galleries. For now, you can see some of my work at my Facebook account.